Licorice Roots was originally called Raymond Listen - a pop band formed in Newark, Delaware by Edward Moyse (vocals/guitar/organ) and David Milsom (drums). Soon, the lineup expanded to include Dave Silverman (glockenspiel/organ/flute/bongos).

The band was featured in the Cute Band Alert column in an issue of Sassy Magazine. They recorded sessions with producer Kramer and released the album 'Licorice Root Orchestra' on Shimmy Disc. After a short North American tour, the name was changed to Licorice Roots.

"Licorice Root Orchestra" was reissued by Essay Records under the Licorice Roots name in January, 2006.

Shades of Streamers, the 3rd Licorice Roots album, was released in November 2006.

Rolling Stone magazine named Licorice Roots to their "Hotlist" in their February 8, 2007 issue.