45rpm vinyl 7" record

"Strangers in Marshmallow Boots" b/w "Pixilated Pixie"



Reviews of Licorice Roots single "Strangers in Marshmallow Boots" b/w "Pixilated Pixie" on black vinyl 45rpm 7inch record with full colour picture sleeve.  Released in 2010. (Daisi) 

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Licorice Roots are psychedelic experimental pop act from Newark, Delaware. 
..... a pretty sweet 7” with Strangers in Marshmallow Boots b/w Pixilated Pixie. Both tracks have these retro-warped psychedelic vibes that kind of rule. Pixilated Pixie is my favorite of the two and feels like a cross between some Nintendo Zelda soundtrack and the recent workings of White Fence, but with a lot more guitar action and more orchestral vibes. Between the three members there are organs, bongos, drums, flutes, bells, 12-string guitars, piano, slide guitars, and probably more instruments that aren’t listed. I definitely didn’t give their recent full length enough love. In a meantime, check out the very awesome Pixilated Pixie. It’s pretty great.

Dusted Magazine Still Single Feature - March 29, 2011

The sleeve and titles send up some dull red flags, but don't be fooled, it's not some '90s pabulum rehash. It's a real band FROM the '90s! In fact, Delaware's Licorice Roots are former Shimmy Disc recording artists, and recipient of Sassy Magazine's "Cute Band Alert" in 1993 (seriously). They've kept a capital 'L' low profile, quietly releasing albums... "Strangers," the single and lead song from the band's last full length, could be a warbling, lost Morricone score from a Sergio Leone samurai western (eastern western?), transferred from ancient unearthed reels and run through a cheapo fuzz. Synth strings swell and embellish the lead melody just right they've clearly had time to develop their sound and everything sounds old, warm, and very familiar. "Pixilated Pixie" should satisfy any Kurt Vile fans looking for more Violators material. Another warm mellow cyclical jam of fuzzed up guitar wailing, this time with a single vocal line repeated over a cooing synth organ. This is fantastic, all heart. Do yourself a favor and find a copy. (Killedbyjeff)